Welcome to Brain Aerobics

Lori Raichilson, Certified Dementia Practitioner

 Lori Raichilson, a licensed school teacher, has had the privilege of working with senior adults in the comfort of their own home, in independent and assisted living facilities and in rec centers, to aide them with exercises to boost their memory and concentration power. Using a variety of resources, she customizes each class capitalizing on the needs of the participants and building their self-esteem.  Fun is important too and her "students" always enjoy themselves and look forward to her next class. 

Our Mission


We strive to provide customized classes recognizing the differences in the needs of our participants.

We work hard to provide as intimate an experience as possible by working in small group settings.
We communicate with families and caretakers to ensure that we are all working together to provide a positive experience for our participants.  
Our goal is to provide a mentally stimulating  experience for our participants while still making their class enjoyable.