Welcome to Brain Aerobics


 Brain Aerobic classes can be taught in small groups in an Independent or Assisted Living facility as well as in Rec centers or anywhere else that there are tables and chairs! 

In Home Classes

 Brain Aerobics can be a wonderful activity for your loved one if they are confined to their home.  Your senior adult can enjoy customized activities offering mental stimulation exercises keeping their mind active.  



Brain Aerobics offers opportunities to train caretakers who are responsible for caring for senior adults  Oftentimes, it is difficult for caretakers to find stimulating activities in the home for the adult they are caring for.  Brain Aerobics training can help provide ideas and methods to help them provide stimulating lessons/activities to enhance memory and promote mental stimulation.  
Your staff will be able to create a BRAIN AEROBIC workout to add to their senior’s regiment without having to leave the comfort of their home!